Over 55 years serving the nation

A member of Caritas Internationalis Confederation, which has the status of Observer at the United Nations, Caritas Ile Maurice was founded in May 1965. The charitableinstitution was initially defined as “an organization in which Charity is coupled with devotion and expertise.”

During the post-independence period in 1968, Caritas IIe Maurice was to focus its action mainly on emergency relief services. Numerous families were then living in distress and poverty while the country was going through a severe unemployment crisis and natural calamities.

In 2001, following the diocesan Synod, the Preferential Option for the Poor became a priority for the Diocese of Port Louis. Thanks to the support of the 47 parishes of the Diocese, Caritas Ile Maurice strives towards the rehabilitation of the poor, the disenfranchised, excluded and oppressed. In its endeavour to help them regain their innate dignity and build together a community based on solidarity and justice; the approach adopted by Caritas is based on:

  • The love of others and
  • Proximity by welcoming them as they are,
  • Emphatic, non-judgmental listening,
  • Compassionate accompaniment and
  • Regular visits

With more than 55 years of experience in the service of the needy, Caritas Ile Maurice represents today, a solidarity network regrouping more than a thousand volunteers serving about 50,000 direct and indirect beneficiaries throughout the Mauritius and Rodrigues. The organization has developed active partnerships with state institutions, the private sector, UN organizations and foreign embassies.

Pour la réalisation de ses multiples actions, Caritas Ile Maurice travaille activement en partenariat avec les institutions d’état, le secteur privé, et les organisations onusiennes et ambassades étrangères.


Caritas Action turns around three main axes:

• The Support and Community Development (and Empowerment) Programme
• The Training Programme
• The Housing Programme