Over 50 years of service to the nation

The founders in May 1965 defined Caritas Mauritius as “a work where Charity would be both dedication and competence” by these founders. May 1966, Caritas Ile Maurice is also recognized by the Caritas Internationalis confederation. Caritas Mauritius was initially oriented towards the emergency aid service because, during the period following independence in 1968, many families were in a situation of distress while the country was experiencing an acute unemployment crisis and faced all kinds of calamities.

In 2001, following the Diocesan Synod, the Preferential Option for the Poor became the priority of the diocese of Port Louis. Today, thanks to the support of the Diocese and 47 parishes in the field, Caritas Mauritius works to rehabilitate the poor, the excluded and the oppressed in an action of love and proximity by welcoming them, listening to them, visiting them and accompanying them so that they regain their dignity and together build a united and just community.

With more than 50 years of experience serving the needy, Caritas Mauritius is, to date, a united network of more than a thousand volunteers serving 50,000 beneficiaries through its services spread throughout the island .

To carry out its multiple actions, Caritas Mauritius works actively in partnership with state institutions, the private sector, and UN organizations and foreign embassies.

Caritas Mauritius groups its actions under three services:


  • Support and Development Service
  • Training Service
  • Housing Service