Support and Development Service

This Programme comprises the following services:
SEAD: “Service d’Ecoute, d’Accompagnement et de Développement”

46 SEAD antennas for listening, accompaniment and development (“Service d’Ecoute, d’Accompagnement et de Développement”) welcome and listen emphatically, extend appropriate support to help restore the dignity of the poorest.

Regular visits help witnessing in situ to understand their environment and culture.
Caritas accompanies the poor in all confidence, helping them in restoring their self-esteem and their ability to cope and organize their priorities. Active listening involves offering the gift of basic empathy to someone who needs to be listened to and understood from where they stand. Caritas supports persons in their struggle for their rights so as to facilitate their integration.

Misereor Centre

1, Rue d’Estaing, Port-Louis 11404
Email :
Tel : 212-3405; 212-2772, 212-3910
Site internet :
Coordinators : Pascal Herry, Brigitte François
Mobile : 5255 8494 / 5499 8494

Emergency Response


The Emergency Relief Program provides for basic needs in terms of food, and clothing, transportation, medical expenses, educational assistance.

In the event of natural disasters, Caritas provides support and responds to the needs for the rehabilitation of the victims.

Secours d’Urgence:
Coordinator Secours d’Urgence: Cursley Goindoorajoo
Mobile : 52597123
Email :

17 “Centres d’Eveil des Tout-Petits”


Situated in pockets of poverty, the centers provide for

• A balanced diet for better growth,
• The promotion of personal hygiene of
o 425 children yearly cared for by
o More than 100 volunteers
• 1700 indirect beneficiaries

While preparing the child to develop coping skills to respond to the challenges of pre-primary schooling, the centers lay emphasis on the stimulation of the psycho-affective, sensory motor and cognitive levels through various activities.

Centres d’éveil des tout petits
1, Rue d’Estaing, Port-Louis 11404
Email :
Tel : 212-3405 ; 212-2772 ; 212-3910
Fax : 212-3405
Coordinator: Mary Legallant
Mobile : 5255 8494 / 5499 8494

Community Farm and Garden

2 Community farms provide training for food and better quality of life for the community; agricultural training for food security; coping skills training for socialization and self-discipline for a better quality of life.

Ferme communautaire O’connor
Caritas Ste Helene
Cure de Sainte-Hélène
Route Royale, Curepipe-Road 74551
Tel: 670 3953
Coordinator: Patricia Hurdoyal